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Arch Linux ARM 20211022 – kernel 5.14.13, danctnix-tweaks-app 0.8.1

Danct12 announced a new version of Arch Linux Arm images for Pinephone and Pinetab.

Arch Linux ARM 20211022. Changes from the last build of Arch Linux Arm for Pinephone and Pinetab:

  • Upgrade kernel to 5.14.13
  • Upgrade mesa-git to 22.0.0_devel.146430.272af39be17
  • Upgrade danctnix-tweaks-app to 0.8.1
  • Upgrade callaudiod to 0.1.1
  • Upgrade feedbackd to 0.0.0+git20211018
  • Upgrade purple-matrix to 0.0.0+149+g88f9558
  • Upgrade purple-telegram to 1.4.7
  • Upgrade various Plasma Mobile components to 5.23.1
  • Firefox now launches with Wayland backend on Plasma Mobile
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the modem won’t start on Plasma Mobile
  • The sxmo image in this release is not uploaded by accident.

Arch Linux images with Phosh and Plasma Mobile can be downloaded from here:

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