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Extension cases for PinePhone are (almost) ready

Wireless charging and fingerprint reading cases are ready but for PinePhone keyboard we will need to wait a bit more time.

Lately, PinePhone keyboard has been through some last minute software changing. Unfortunatly, due to last minute changes made to the firmware, the factory test software (a custom build of postmarketOS by Martijn Braam) no longer works.

PinePhone keyboard (from picture by Martijn Braam)

On the other hand, the delay will cause some good firmware changes. We’ll be able to customise keys, including the modifiers, in nearly unlimited ways via supporting utilities. So practically, we will have the ability to set our custom layouts without need to flash custom software. Another bunch of good informations is that keyboard’s firmware is now able to report charge status of the internal battery to the PinePhone’s operating system. Which is a great news especially, because of the removed charging status LEDs.

From the left: stock PinePhone; PinePhone with fingerprint reader; PinePhone with wireless charging; PinePhone with keyboard attached (from

But let’s move on to the other cases. The wireless charging and fingerprint reading cases are now ready and awaiting developers approval. In the subject of wireless charging case, all I have to say is that it works fine with the desktop PinePower. The cases are adding a bit of mass to the back of PinePhone, but it’s similar to the hard protective case so it should be okay.

As soon as the cases will have green light we’ll see them in Pine Store.

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