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Manjaro brings Firefox 93, QT 6.2, and an updated Uboot and kernels to the stable branch

Manjaro developers announced a package update in the stable branch of their system for ARM…

ByByRadoslaw PawlinskiOct 16, 2021

PinePhonePro with Rockchip RK3399 is coming

Now everything is clear – PinePhone Pro will be available soon. It’s faster and more…

ByByRadoslaw PawlinskiOct 15, 2021

InfiniTime 1.5.0 Huckleberry with alarm app!

The Alarm app in the latest InfiniTime update! The latest version of the InfiniTime 1.5.0…

ByByRadoslaw PawlinskiSep 28, 2021

PineBook Pro with Nordic style [how-to]

Today I am going to show you how to make KDE Plasma with Nordic style.…

ByByWiktor PawlińskiSep 19, 2021

Interesting PineCube project

PineCube is a security camera connected to local wireless network. Lately there was a PineCube…

ByByWiktor PawlińskiSep 17, 2021

Initial MMS support in Manjaro Beta 15 Phosh for PinePhone

Manjaro developers announced the 15 beta release with Phosh for PinePhone. In addition to many…

ByByRadoslaw PawlinskiSep 16, 2021
How to Add a Custom Background in Phosh?


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