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Jumpdrive – an easy way to install OS on PinePhone and PineTab

With Jumpdrive you can install OS on eMMC flash storage of your PinePhone or PineTab from your computer.

Jumpdrive was created by Danct12 and Martijn Braam from postmarketOS.

This utility allows you to install the operating system on your PinePhone’s or PineTab’s eMMC via your computer.

Flashing the operating system to eMMC is the same as with any other storage medium – e.g. an SD card. You can use a tool like Etcher or Gnome Disks.

Jumpdrive in action

Compared to other eMMC flashing methods, this one is extremely simple. Another good argument is that it is really lightweight considering the download size.

Wondering how to use it?

  1. Download and extract the Jumpdrive image.
  2. Flash image to a micro SD card.
  3. Boot the PinePhone from the Jumpdrive micro SD card (you should get a nice splash screen).
  4. Connect the PinePhone to your computer using USB-A -> USB-C cable (you should see a new storage device after you plug the device to USB).
  5. Flash the exposed PinePhone drive (e.g. /dev/mm…, check for the right device in dmesg, GNOME disks, or similar, and make sure it’s unmounted) with your chosen OS image.
  6. Once the flashing process is complete, disconnect the PinePhone from your PC, power it down and remove the SD card.
  7. The process is now finished, and you can boot from eMMC.

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