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Manjaro ARM 21.04 released for Pine64 devices

The Manjaro development team has just announced the release of Manjaro ARM 21.04. Currently we have download images for: RockPro64, Pinebook and the Pinebook Pro.

New application for flashing images

Manjaro developers have prepared a new GUI application to make it easier for users to flash Manjaro ARM image to SD card or eMMC card.

Simply install manjaro-arm-flasher and launch the app “Manjaro ARM Flasher” from your menu. This will download and flash the image of your choice.

You can also manually run the application (if you are not running Manjaro ARM) by downloading this python script, make it executable with chmod +x manjaro-arm-flasher and then run it with sudo ./manjaro-arm-flasher. It requires python-blkinfo 0.1.3 to be installed, which can be installed with pip install blkinfo.

First Time setup

This release sports the First Time setup for all images, also via SSH. This means that at first boot, you will be asked about the following:

  • keyboard layout (except on pinebook, that is fixed to us layout)
  • username
  • additional user groups (optional)
  • full name
  • password for that username
  • password for root
  • timezone
  • locale
  • hostname

Then the setup script will set these settings and reboot to the login screen.


  • New packages from upstream and Manjaro ARM.
  • XFCE 4.16
  • KDE Plasma 5.21
  • The Pinebook Pro got DP altmode support back, thanks to Ayufan for putting together working hacky patches for that.
  • Now uses Plymouth as default splash.

Supported Devices:

  • Pinebook
  • Pinebook Pro
  • RockPro64


Please consider supporting Manjaro ARM directly via Patreon, Ko-Fi or Open Collective.

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