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Manjaro ARM Beta6 with Plasma-Mobile

Manjaro developers announced the release of the sixth beta of the Manjaro ARM with Plasma Mobile.

This image includes

  • Kernel 5.13.12 optimized for the Pinephone, which recently had some great improvements in regards of battery life,
  • Frameworks 5.85
  • Plasma 5.22.4
  • Plasma-Mobile apps, which are now bundled as Plamo Gear 21.07
  • Maui Apps 2.0 and
  • Camera app Megapixels 1.2.0 with great improvements in responsiveness,
  • Pipewire 0.3.33,
  • Appimagelauncher 2.2.0 and
  • our Pico-Wizard for easy initial setup at first launch

Since our last Beta, Plasma-Mobile made a lot of remarkable progress in regards of graphical appearance with smooth transitions and auto-rotate. Apps are now launching faster, too.
The drop-down menu provides Settings, Flashlight, a Screenshot function and more.
With Plamo Gear and the Maui Apps you have applications for all typical everyday needs.

Known issues:

  • keyboard in pico-wizard closes frequently and needs to be re-opened by tapping input fields again
  • modem stability is still not very good. This should be improved significantly in the near future by transitioning to support of modemmanager
  • text prediction is currently only available for English.
  • many translations are still missing.

Manjaro ARM Beta6 with Plasma-Mobile for Pinephone can be downloaded here.


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