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Maui Applications startup on PinePhone now around 5x faster

Developers working on Project Maui announced another major update. Application startup time has been greatly improved – now around 5X faster on the PinePhone! Additionally, Index, has initial support for handling file permissions; Clip, the video player, now can use two different backends MPV or GStreamer, and the UI is now more in pair to Pix and other Maui Apps.

All of the MauiKit Frameworks (a free and modular front-end framework for developing user experiences) now make use of the Qt Quick Compiler to precompile the QML sources at build time, this can be turned off when building the frameworks by passing the flag -DQUICK_COMPILER=OFF

You can read about all changes to individual applications on the Project Maui website.

Maui is a KDE project aiming for convergence and provides nine applications to cover the basic set of standard utilities: A file manager (Index), music player (VVave), an image viewer (Pix), text editor(Nota), Notes taker (Buho), terminal emulator(Station), contacts manager (Communicator), document viewer (Shelf) and a video player (Clip).

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