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New SoC-era for PINE64 gear – Quartz64 V2

Earlier this month Pine64 shipped V2 of the Quartz64 model A and B to developers.

The new board revisions feature a number of minor hardware fixes as well as a new Gigabit Ethernet PHY. The Realtek PHY chips that are using on all PINE64 SBCs are presently nowhere to be found.

As things stand, Pine64 are currently awaiting feedback from developers regarding the new board revision – granted no issues are found in the next 2 weeks then the production will finally commence.

Quartz64 v2.0 model B and A (from

Although the hardware will soon see the light of day, the software still isn’t ready.

A significant amount of patches needed for the rk3568/rk3566 have been submitted to mainline, and a few have already been accepted. As things stand, the GPIO, pinctrl, iommu-v2, thermal, rk817-codec, gmac, PCIe, and power-domain patches have been submitted to mainline for the rk3568 chip series. There is also a basic rk3568 device tree in review.

Another piece of good news is that the SATA controller has been validated and works extremely well. The PCIe controller is in good shape, every card we have tested (except GPUs) works out of the box.

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