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Pinephone BETA edition is now available for preorder

PinePhone BETA Edition is now available for preorder. The PinePhone BETA Edition is powered by KDE Plasma Mobile and Manjaro Linux.

To learn more about the BETA Edition please read the February Community Update

PinePhone BETA Edition is available in two hardware configurations:

  $ 149 - 2 GB of RAM; 16 GB eMMC
  $ 199 - 3 GB of RAM; 32 GB eMMC (includes USB-C docking station)

Both configurations include the latest version of PCBA (1.2b). The $ 199 hardware variant, called the Convergence Pack, also includes a USB-C dock that comes with 10/100 Ethernet, 2 USB Type A ports, HDMI digital video output, and USB-C power.

The shipment of the PinePhone BETA Edition is expected at the end of April.

You can order the Pinephone Beta Edition here:

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