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PinePhone keyboard case is now available in the Pine Store!

Pine64 surprised fans with a New Year’s gift.. The PinePhone and PinePhone Pro keyboard has appeared in the official store. Apart from the keyboard, other add-on back cases have also appeared: with Fingerprint Reader, Pinedio Lora and Wireless Charging.

Let us remind you (many of you ask this) that the keyboard, or perhaps the more appropriate term: the keyboard case, works with both PinePhone and PinePhone Pro. To mount the keyboard, you just need to replace the back cover of the smartphone. Pogo pins are used for connection. As Pine64 assures, the hinge has a 180 ° design which not only allows you to write with both hands on the surface, but also comfortable to write with your thumb when fully unfolded.

The keyboard can be ordered from the official Pine64 store:

PinePhone keyboard case core features

  • Well balanced clamshell construction 
  • Unbranded and understated design; black shell with dark gray/ matte black keycaps 
  • Pogo pin-compatible with PinePhone and PinePhone Pro
  • 180° hinge for two-hand typing on surface or thumb-typing when held
  • Rearrangeable etched keycaps with deep travel
  • Programmable open source firmware by Megi
  • Accessible phone’s headphone jack, USB-C port, volume keys, and microphone
  • 6000mAh internal battery capable of charging the PinePhone (Pro); charge levels reported in OSes that support this feature
  • USB-C charging; capable of charging keyboard case and PinePhone (Pro) simultaneously 

What about the ports (USB-C and headphone jack) in PinePhone and PinePhone Pro?

You do not lose access to the PinePhone (Pro)’s USB-C port, speaker, microphone, or any external features, such as volume and lock buttons, with the keyboard attached. There is also a cut-out for the camera, torch, and headphone jack. The USB-C port on the keyboard is capable of powering both the keyboard and PinePhone (Pro) simultaneously. This means that you can plug in a USB mouse, a USB-C dongle, or some other peripheral while the phone and keyboard’s internal battery charge. Please keep in mind that the keyboard case transforms the PinePhone (Pro) into a PDA, which means that taking calls will likely prove awkward without a wired or wireless headset connected.

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