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postmarketOS v21.03 service pack 1 release

The first service pack for the current postmarketOS stable branch has been released, v21.03.1. Services packs bring improvements from the edge channel of postmarketOS to the stable release after they have been thoroughly tested.

New apps:


  • Overclocking the memory frequency of the PinePhone and PineTab is now possible with update-u-boot
  • Librem 5 kernel upgrade to 5.11.11pureos1
  • Osk-sdl upgrade to 0.63
  • Phosh upgrade to 0.10.2
  • Megapixels upgrade to 0.16.0
  • Gpodder-adaptive upgrade to 3.10.17_git20210307
  • Calindori upgrade to 1.4
  • Geary upgrade to 3.38.2
  • Phosh, Plasma Mobile and Sxmo have font-noto, font-noto-emoji installed by default in new installations

For best stability, the service pack contains tried and tested versions. Most recent releases of Megapixels and Geary are not included, as the service pack already was in the testing phase.

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