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Registration for the Pine64 DevZone is now open

During the last community update in July, Pine64 announced the opening of registration on the PINE64 developer portal called PINE64 DevZone. Registration for the DevZone is now open and anyone with an interest and experience in software development is welcome to apply.

More and more developers are appearing around Pine64 projects. The multitude of places where it is possible to exchange information and comments related to active work causes information chaos. Therefore, the idea was born to create a portal in which all this information will be in one place.

We get an overview of active and prospectus community developers, their interests, experience and contribution history (to both PINE64 and other projects). This will help us better understand our community development pool and the available talent. We frequently find ourselves with a handful of early prototype devices and spend countless hours figuring out who would be the right fit for them. Development units sometimes end up in the hands of people who do not have the right skillset, are already working on a different device or are otherwise occupied. At the same time we overlook developers who would be an ideal fit. We have a backlog of ideas stalled due to the component shortages, and would like to get the show back on the road as soon as the world reverts to normal. We believe the DevZone will be principal in getting the wheels spinning once production of new devices is viable once again.    

Lukasz Erecinski, July update: community developers portal

PINE64 DevZone: … what’s in it for us?

If you’re granted developer’s status you’ll receive access to a knowledge and information sharing platform with early prototype data, pre-release schematics, development resources and an overview of ongoing development. Information disseminated on the platform will include things we don’t usually share publicly (not because they are secret per se, but rather because prototype details can create disinformation or give false impressions of the end-product). The system will give an overview of who’s working on what, provide a direct line to other developers and a guarantee that we see your feedback. You may also be invited to work closer with us on upcoming devices by reviewing prototypes; we’ll be choosing from this pool only. Lastly, we’ll label you as a developer on our platforms (where applicable), thereby making it easy for end-users and other developers to identify you. In time the DevZone will grow to encompass additional functionality, be it additional cooperation tools, an internal chat or something completely different. We’ll settle on what further features are needed together. 

Lukasz Erecinski, July update: community developers portal

Pine64 DevZone is currently under construction, but if you are interested in contributing to development on PINE64 hardware feel free to register today – Pine64 will contact you once the system is up and running.

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