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Stable Manjaro ARM Update 2021-08-20 for Pine64 devices

Manjaro ARM developers announced a pretty big system update for Pinebook Pro, Pinephone, Pinetab and other Pine64 devices. The update covers, among others: kernels, Firefox, Thunderbird, MATE, KDE Gear and many packages for mobile devices.

Some highlights of the Stable Manjaro ARM Update 2021-08-20

  • Most of our kernels got updated
  • Firefox updated to 91.0.1
  • Also updated Thunderbird to 78.13.0
  • MATE is now version 1.26.0
  • And KDE Gear is not version 21.08.0
  • Lots of updated packages for our Mobile offerings
  • The regular Python updates
  • And regular updates from upstream

If you used the Manjaro ARM Installer or is using PinePhone or PineTab, you need to redo your passwords, because of an update to libxcrypt:

The full changelog is available on the Manjaro ARM forum.

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