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Telegrand – a lightweight Telegram client that integrates well with Phosh

Every day, Pinephone is used by more and more people as their daily driver. However, there are still elements that are annoying in everyday use. One of them is the client of the popular Telegram messenger. Will Telegrand change it?

As on Ubuntu Touch, the unofficial client called Teleports works very well, in Plasma Mobile and Phosh environments, users most often use the official version of Telegram-desktop. Unfortunately, it does not work perfectly. It takes a long time to run and drains the battery heavily.

The answer to this may be Telegrand, developed by melix99. Telegrand is a GTK4 telegram client built to be well integrated with the GNOME desktop environment. It is actually lightweight and integrates perfectly with Phosh, so we believe that it will have followers..

This is of course a development version all the time, but we hope it will gain popularity soon.
As of today, we only found it from the OpenSuse repository. Unfortunately, it does not integrate well with Plasma Mobile. We believe it will change.

Telegrand: what can it do?

  • Authentication (without 2FA)
  • Show user dialogs
  • Notify for new messages
  • Send text messages
  • Show text messages

Planned features (short run)

  • Multilanguage support
  • Flatpak support
  • Show media
  • Send media

Planned features (long run)

  • Show stickers in chat
  • Send stickers
  • Download files
  • Send files

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