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TELEports for Pinephone has been fixed

Good news for all Pinephone users and Ubuntu Touch fans. The problematic Teleports application appears to have been fixed.

Teleports is an unofficial client of the Telegram messenger developed by UBPorts (a foundation that develops the Ubuntu Touch system), and more specifically its developer, Florian. Although Teleports works very well on Ubuntu Touch phones based on the Halium project (Halium is the collaborative project to unify the Hardware Abstraction Layer for projects which run GNU / Linux on mobile devices with pre-installed Android), on PinePhone (with mainline Linux) it freezes very often.

As the UBPorts developers explain: One of the longest running issues with the PinePhone has been that Teleports was broken. Now it has been fixed. The problem was that the activity monitor which is supposed to spin even when the app is frozen, itself caused the app to freeze, by spinning… Interrupt the spinning and the app unfreezes. It is a Qt thing.

Another step has been taken towards full Ubuntu Touch support for Pinephone. Congratulations to UBports!

Please feel free to help with troubleshooting Ubuntu Touch on Pinehone:

License : MIT/X/Expat License

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