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The PinePhone keyboard has now taken on its final form

The PinePhone keyboard is a hardware expansion project for the PinePhone that, in addition to the keyboard, also includes a larger battery.

The good news is that the PinePhone keyboard has now taken on its final form. However, it isn’t quite perfect just yet, so the keyboard’s membrane will have to be redone.

In other good news, the PinePhone keyboard internal review units have been assembled.

PinePhone keyboard (from

Regarding availability – at this moment it mostly depends on three factors:

  1. How quickly can the i2c HID driver be made to work on the PinePhone.
  2. How fast will new good membranes be created.
  3. How soon can the mandatory torture testing be completed.

More PinePhone keyboard photos available in May Pine64 Community Update.

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  1. The layout has some shortcommings, which I think are needed on such small device.

    But my mayor problem is where to put our å, ä and ö. Which usually are on the extreme right left of enter on two rows. (use Wikipedia for proper layout).
    It is basically the same problem with any European language except english.

    Don’t mind the print on the capd, they can be ignore, it is more a concern of number of Keys. The actual characters generated can usually be remaped in software in some level. But Keys can’t be added.

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