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About Me

Hi, I’m Radek Pawliński. I’ve been a fan of Free and Open Source Software for as long as I can remember, deeply inspired by Linus Torvalds’ story and respecting Richard Stallman’s contribution to the fight for Free Software. Welcome to my website dedicated to products and software related to Pine64. My goal is to provide up-to-date information for those using Pine64 products.

Why did I decide to create this website? I don’t consider myself a typical fan of a “company,” but there’s something about Pine64 that captivates me and makes using their products a joy. Yes, joy is the word that best describes it. I remember when I first heard about Pine64. Online news was buzzing with plans to release PinePhone, Pinebook, and Pinetab. Every Linux enthusiast must have felt excitement at the thought of a smartphone powered by the mainline kernel. And so it began… I pre-ordered the PinePhone (the first version called BraveHeart), and since it landed in my hands, it has become my primary phone. The beginning wasn’t easy 🙂 Carrying the phone with a power bank (no deep sleep) and a portable router was necessary, but that was the only way I could fully track its development. That was almost four years ago. Today, I use the PinePhone Pro and feel a sense of déjà vu 🙂

Although I use the PinePhone Pro (as my main phone), Pinebook Pro (which served as my main laptop for several years), and PineTab2 (for fun) in my daily life, I’m not a programmer. However, aware that it’s the community that contributed to my ability to enjoy these devices, I hope my website serves as a thank you to them.

p.s. I’m not a journalist either, so please bear with me in assessing my texts. However, I’m open to any feedback and constructive criticism 😉 Let’s stay in touch and together, let’s build and promote the great Free and Open Source Software community.