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It’s Time: InfiniTime 1.0

InfiniTime developers for PineTime announced the release of InfiniTime 1.0.

A brief history of the PineTime project

The PineTime was first introduced in October 2019 as a completely community driven side-project, and positioned as a complementary device to the PinePhone. PINE64 decided on a simple hardware platform – a square body and a FOSS-friendly SoC, to make the developers life a bit easier.

At the time, PINE64 was just tossing a bottle into the sea and waiting to see what will happen. Will the community like the idea? Will developers be interested in working on such a project?

Well, we now know how the story unfolded; prospective users and developers turned out to be very interested in the idea of a FOSS smartwatch. I too was really excited about this project the moment I read about it in an article, and I was really happy to be one of the first developers to receive a PineTime development kit.

It wasn’t long before a significant community of users and developers gathered in the community chat rooms. People from all around the world joined the chat to discuss the PineTime, their projects, their experiments, their progress and their ideas.

The project reached its first milestone in September 2020, when PINE64 chose InfiniTime as the default firmware for sealed and development kits PineTimes. And today, 7 months later, we reached a new important milestone: InfiniTime’s first release.

More about infinitime 1.0

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