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March update from Pine64

Lukasz Erecinski from Pine64 has published the latest, March update. Full text to read on the Pine64 website:


  • Housekeeping pt.1: we’re facing difficult manufacturing circumstances – pre-orders for Pinebook Pro & PinePhone will open after production is underway.
  • Housekeeping pt.1: stock availability of SBCs, SOMs and other devices will likely change on a weekly basis 
  • Housekeeping pt.2: we’re working on a stock and pre-order tracking system for the Pine Store
  • Housekeeping pt.2: the PineOne riddle was solved in record time
  • Housekeeping pt.2: I was on FOSS-North podcast talking about PINE64
  • Housekeeping pt.2: fourth episode of PineTalk is out; PineTalk has been listed on Podcast Index 
  • SOEdge: SOEdge AI module now fully functional thanks to Marek (Gamiee); runs BSP Linux and build is tailored to support existing PINE64 hardware / peripherals
  • SOEdge: the SOEdge baseboard and USB 3.0 adapter are currently being produced, and will be back next month, at which point they’ll go on sale; expect availability in April 
  • Quartz64: The current situation forced our hands – we started a Quartz64 pilot production-run; available in April
  • Quartz64: 8GB RAM Quartz64 units started shipping to developers this week 
  • Quartz64: e-ink panel now works with Quartz64, and the performance is really good from what I’m told 
  • Quartz64: model-B of the SBC placed on temporary halt, due to component shortages
  • Pinebook Pro: we’re aiming to start production later this month, at which point pre-orders for the new Pinebook Pro batch will open [last minute edit: pre-orders likely to start next week]
  • Pinebook Pro: a price increase forced by the market situation – $220 for current PBPs, may further increase in the future 
  • Pinebook Pro: phenomenal Armbian with GNOME desktop OS images are feature complete and utilize Panfrost FOSS GPU drivers for desktop acceleration
  • Pinebook Pro: postmarketOS for the Pinebook Pro is now available, looks awesome, and features a neat installer utility with disk encryption
  • Pinebook Pro: Manjaro now offers a MATE OS image alongside KDE, XFCE and tiling managers (Sway / i3)
  • PinePhone: production hurdles at the time of writing; an explanation of the situation [last minute edit: pre-orders likely to start late this month]
  • PinePhone: we’re still hoping to start taking pre-orders soon, however we need to wait for production to start; presently difficult to define when exactly factory can source missing component
  • PinePhone: the upcoming production-run, and subsequent few, will be called Beta Edition to indicate software status
  • PinePhone: the keyboard is progressing well – but we’re still waiting for the keycaps; they should be delivered later this month
  • PinePhone: the fingerprint scanner case is coming along as is the Qi-wireless charging case, but those will first be introduced when the manufacturing situation eases
  • PineTime: InfiniTime has seen 3 releases in a matter of a month; new firmware functionality and a new bootloader
  • PineTime: WaspOS has also seen a new release and is now supported by Gadgetbridge
  • PineTime: two new companion apps for the PineTime, which can be used with the PinePhone and an update to Amazfish 

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