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Interesting PineCube project

PineCube is a security camera connected to local wireless network. Lately there was a PineCube project that was done by newton688.

Whole task was to set up 2 or eventually 3 cubes as security cameras both inside and outside the house. The first PineCube was imaged with pre-built Armbian. Powered by micro-usb cable, it connects automatically with local WiFi. So anyone in the local network can connect with the camera via browser at the pinecube1:8080 address.

PineCube on a wall (from, newton688)

Second camera is accessible via the same way like first one. In this device the resolution was increased to 1280×720 to provide better details. Unfortunately the change made video a bit laggy. PineCube has been striped of motion capture and flashed with official Armbian. Device contains kernel 5.10 and an older version of Motion.

Image from the PineCube (from, newton688)

Cube’s video can be modified using the v4l2-ctl command-line tool with image controls such us horizontal flip, colour balance, saturation and hue. Device has also a infrared sensor and 4 IR LED’s on front, but it needs few adjustments before it will be ready to work in dark. As more cameras would be added, the managing and monitoring them would take more time.

Whole project was described in the latest Pine64 community update.

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