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Manjaro ARM’s latest stable update: November 15th 2023, Release

Manjaro ARM, the Arch Linux-based operating system tailored for ARM architecture, rolled out a significant update on November 15th 2023, bringing a range of enhancements and updates to its stable release.

In this latest update, several key components have received attention to ensure improved performance and stability:

  • Some Kernels got updated
  • Linux-Firmware got updated
  • Plasma got updated to 5.27.9
  • Firefox is now at 119.0 and Thunderbird at 115.4.1
  • PipeWire is now at 1.0-rc3
  • KDE Gear got renewed to 23.08.2 and KDE Frameworks is at 5.111.0
  • More updates to Gnome45.0
    • remember to check your extensions for compability
  • Thunderbird got updated to 115.3.3
  • The usual python and KDE-git updates (which moved to Qt6)
  • A full list of all package changes can be found here

Manjaro ARM provides stable releases for Pine64 devices:

  • Pinebook,
  • PinePhone,
  • PinePhone Pro,
  • Quartz64 Model A,
  • Quartz64 Model B

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