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Arch Linux ARM 20210628 – calls 0.3.4, phoc 0.7.1, Plasma 5.22.2

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Arch Linux ARM 20210628
Arch Linux ARM 20210628

Danct12 announced a new version of Arch Linux Arm images for Pinephone and Pinetab.

Arch Linux ARM 20210628. Changes from the last build of Arch Linux Arm for Pinephone and Pinetab.

  • Upgrade calls to 0.3.4
  • Upgrade phoc to 0.7.1
  • Upgrade alsa-ucm-pinephone to the latest changes
  • Upgrade gnome-software-mobile to 3.38.2
  • Upgrade eg25-manager to 0.3.0+6+gf2593b6
  • Using upstream ALARM pulseaudio instead of our fork
  • Plasma: fix kclock not waking from suspend
  • Plasma: upgrade plasma-{nano,phone-components,mobile-nm} to 5.22.2
  • pacman gnupg keys will now be generated on first boot (#186)

Arch Linux images from Phosh and Plasma Mobile can be downloaded from here:

User login details

  • User: alarm
  • Pass: 123456

NOTE: SSH is disabled for security, for more information please read this.

NOTE: Barebone users should read this first.

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