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Manjaro ARM Stable Update 2021-07-06 – KDE Plasma, Firefox, Quartz64 support and Kernels

Manjaro developers announced an update of stable images for the ARM architecture. In addition to updating the popular Pine64 devices (Pinebook Pro, Pinehone, Pinetab, Rock64 and RockPro64, the first image for Quartz64 was released.

Manjaro ARM Stable Update 2021-07-06:

  • Most of kernels got updated
  • Plasma got a point release with
  • FIrefox got the same with 89.0.2
  • Quartz64 support. Try out the image!
  • Lots of updated packages for our Mobile offerings
  • The regular Python updates
  • And regular updates from upstream

If you used the Manjaro ARM Installer or is using PinePhone or PineTab, you need to redo your passwords, because of an update to libxcrypt:

More about the update on the official Manjaro forum.

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